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Flan 20B

Instruction tuned with Flan, receptive field of 2048, no mode tokens, trained on C4 corpus

Publisher License Version Release
Google AI Apache 20B Q2 2022

Model Summary

This text describes the release of a new open source Flan 20B model that was trained on top of the already open sourced UL2 20B checkpoint. It has the same configuration as the original UL2 20B model, except that it has been instruction tuned with Flan. It is expected to improve the usability of the original UL2 model and has been released on Apache license. The text also discusses the relative improvements of Flan-UL2 20B compared to other models in the Flan series, as well as the limitations of Flan-style models. Finally, it is noted that the release of Flan-UL2 20B expands the size ceiling of the current Flan-T5 models by approximately 2x.

Model Resources

🤗 Hugging Face | 📄 Research Paper | 🎬 Demo | 📖 About Model

Model Details

Size: 19.5B parameters

Use Cases: N-shot prompting, few-shot in-context learning

Training corpus: C4 corpus

Training method: UL2 objective

Evaluation method: Big-Bench hard and MMLU

Compute: 7-8 times faster than Flan-PaLM 62B

Features: Expands size ceiling of Flan-T5 models by 2x

Limitations: Instruction tuned on primarily academic tasks, not ideal for open ended generation

Strengths: Best open source model at the moment on Big-Bench hard and MMLU